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Dr. Yu and Dr. Litizzette identify with the vibrant, highly educated community in Austin. Austin, especially, has embraced the world of advanced technology. Dr. Yu’s practice is a perfect fit in the community. His practice has adopted technological advancements including cone-beam computerized tomography, digital radiography, digital photography used in case presentations, platelet-rich plasma technology, periodontal lasers, piezosurgical handpieces to atraumatically perform sinus lifts and bone contouring, and tissue engineering.

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"Technology can augment precise surgical technique but can not replace it," notes Dr. Yu. Because of his unique talent, Dr. Yu has chosen to hone his skills and studies to aesthetic surgical dentistry. His passion lies in taking on difficult aesthetic cases and creating an outstanding, predictable result.

"Surgeons must respect every point of view from each discipline," explains Dr. Yu. "This will ensure that the patient will be offered the best therapy and plan possible. Dentists should never practice alone. The medical model teaches us this concept." The combination of fine detailed techniques and advanced technologies has made Dr. Yu’s practice extraordinary.
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Dr. Yu and Associates

Dr. David Yu
Dr. Nicole Litizzette

4201 Bee Caves Road Suite C-211
Austin, TX 78746

Fax: (512) 306-8848

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