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Oral Cancer Screening

We use the newest technology to “see” oral cancer – Trimira Identifi 3000™. No special dyes are used for this screening device. The unique technology (developed at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center) enables the clinician to “see” deep layers within the oral tissues. Identafi 3000 uses white, violet, and amber wavelengths of light to excite oral tissue in distinct and unique ways. Biochemical changes can be monitored with fluorescence, while morphological changes can be monitored with reflectance. This multiple wavelength technology identifies abnormal tissue with more accuracy than the single color approaches currently on the market.

Oral Cancer kills one person every hour of every day. More than 40% of those diagnosed will die within 5 years. It is deadlier than breast cancer, cervical cancer, and prostate cancer because it is typically not seen or caught until its late stages. Early detection saves lives!
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